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WAXIE Solution Station®

Chemical Dispensing Solutions for Any Cleaning Application

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Avoid unnecessary chemical product waste and labor costs

The “glug-glug method” of measuring concentrated product to the proper amount of water is common with cleaning staff who guess the approximate dilution ratios. This method results in waste and improper use of the product and often leads to re-cleaning of surfaces which drives up your labor costs.

Another issue with traditional bulk chemical concentrates is a higher potential for chemical exposure by staff if they are not following directions correctly and not wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).


Control Costs with a Safe Chemical Dilution Control System

Precise dilution results in less chemical waste and cost-savings by using the right amount of product with each use. Additionally, your staff will not be exposed to concentrated chemicals.

WAXIE Solution Station is a closed-loop, accurate, safe and spill-resistant chemical dispensing system. Full-color, in-use application photos on chemical concentrate containers and refill bottles help your employees always use the right solution in the right place.

Highly effective products, precise dilution, increased worker safety, and simplicity in use, all add up to the most cost-effective dilution control system you can find.

Customize your system for your facility cleaning needs with portable or wall-mounted dispensers and a wide variety of highly-effective cleaning chemicals. Increase productivity and eliminate the guesswork with the most cost-effective chemical dilution control systems available.


Benefits of WAXIE Solution Station

| The closed-loop system and spill-resistant bottles prevent worker exposure to chemicals. The bottle insert is bonded to the 3L bottleneck and permanently secured, and locking cabinets and racks create a tamper-resistant system. WAXIE Solution Station products have simple descriptive names and are color- and number-coded with full-color in-use application photos on chemical concentrates and secondary labels to help your employees always use the right solution in the right place.

Accuracy | The color-coded metering tip is safely locked away in the concentrate bottle using a closed-loop insert to prevent tampering with the dilution ratio and to ensure end-user cost per usable gallon, thus providing consistent product performance.

Flexibility | WAXIE Solution Station dispensers provide unparalleled end-user flexibility to customize a dilution control dispensing system designed to meet the needs of any institutional or industrial cleaning application.

Economical and Effective | Specially formulated super concentrates, precise dilution, increased worker safety, and simplicity in use all add up to the most effective and economical dilution control system you can find.

Which System is Right for You?


Flexible Dilution Control

Dispense one product at a time with the flexibility to quickly change to a different product. Features ability to dispense product with one hand to fill spray bottles, and a 7-foot remote fill gun for bucket fill applications.


Portable Dilution Control

Designed to dispense ready-to-use solution for all types of applications ranging from bottle fill to bucket fill to equipment fill to direct spray applications.


Versatile Dilution Control

The ultimate in versatility with its capability of dispensing up thirty-one different Solution Station® products for the bucket fill and bottle fill application.

A Perfect Combination

Safety, Accuracy, Flexibility and Cost Control

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