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Tork PeakServe® Towel Dispensing System

Securing a New Hygiene Standard

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In the restroom environment, there are common challenges that can arise without the proper hand hygiene solution. Lacking availability of hand towels, means fewer visitors practice proper hand hygiene, which increases the risk of infection spread. And, cleaners are spending a lot of time on restocking dispensers which means they have less time for the important task of cleaning.

How Tork PeakServe® Works

Tork PeakServe uses compressed towels to offer the highest capacity on the market with up to 250% more hand towels. Together with one-at-a-time dispensing, means fewer runouts and more people served between refills. Tork PeakServe dispensers can also be topped up at any time and allow your cleaners to focus more of their attention on improving hygiene, rather than on dispenser checks.

The easy-to-use, continuous system serves people in 3 seconds, which is quicker than jet air drying time. And since people only touch the towels they use, you get a very hygienic hand-drying solution that helps you secure the new hygiene standard.


Increase towel capacity by up to 40%


Here’s where the Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel System can help! Tork PeakServe lets you:

  • Always have hand towels available to help you promote hygiene

  • Perform fewer dispenser checks to save time and allow your cleaning staff to focus their attention on improving hygiene

  • Save on storage space with compact refills and cut your transportation footprint by 50%

  • Use the same system throughout your entire facility; simplifies things for both janitors and visitors


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