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KleenLine™ Handwash System

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KleenLine™ Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems add a touch of class to your facility with refreshing, spa-quality foam soap formulations that people love.

Whether you choose manual, touch-free or our new touch-free systems powered by energy on the refill (a double A battery is included with each refill) your facilities team will appreciate the advanced features that make maintenance a breeze.

Choose the system that's right for you

Three systems that are built for reliability and high performance


KleenLine™ Manual Foam Handwash Dispenser

KleenLine Manual Foam Handwash Dispenser

Durable and reliable push-style systems. Reliable performance and easy to maintain.


KleenLine™ No-TouchFoam Handwash Dispenser

KeenLine No-Touch Foam Handwash Dispenser

Touch-free systems built for reliable performance and maintenance ease.

KleenLine™ NRG10™ No-Touch Foam Handwash Dispenser-white

KleenLine™ NRG10™ No-Touch Foam Handwash Dispenser

KleenLine NRG10™
No-Touch Foam Handwash Dispenser

Touch-free with a battery included in each refill, plus the ability to view the dispenser data remotely.


An Innovation in Hand Soap

It couldn’t be easier to manage the KleenLine™ NRG10™ dispensers, from installation to each and every refill, thanks to a fresh battery included on every refill!

KleenLine™ Boost™ Foam Handwash made with CLEAN RELEASE® Technology sets a new standard for soap performance. This remarkably mild formulation is gentle on skin, contains no antibacterial ingredients or harsh preservatives, and removes over 99% of dirt and germs.


No-Touch Foam Handwash Dispenser

Reduce downtime, workflow disruptions, and complaints with smart and simple refill management.

Less Waste and More To Love!

Battery With Each Refill
Never change or buy batteries thanks to a fresh battery included on every refill.

Updated Design
Slimmer Dispenser means it can fit tight spaces and the transparent fills make restocking a breeze.

Gather data with the app and built-in dispenser technology to help identify usage patterns and better manage your dispenser fleet. 

KleenLine NRG10 soap dispenser in ISO format detail with each benefits

Step 1: WASH

With KleenLine Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems. 

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Step 2: Dry

With Electronic No-Touch Towel Dispenser.

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Step 3: Sanitize

With PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer.

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