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WAXIE EZ Concrete & Cementitious Terrazzo

Restoration & Maintenance Systems

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Restore & Revitalize

Concrete floors are a cost-effective flooring option in any environment – from industrial warehouses to high-end office buildings. The use of an existing concrete slab promotes savings and sustainable design, and the durability of concrete flooring is only matched by its longevity.

While concrete is versatile, easy to maintain, and tough, it is not indestructible. WAXIE EZ Concrete & Cementitious Terrazzo Restoration & Maintenance Systems has everything that you need to keep your concrete and cementitious terrazzo floors looking good.

WAXIE EZ Concrete & Cementitious Terrazzo Restoration & Maintenance Systems
 is a complete regimen of products, tools, and janitorial equipment designed to work together, unlike other restoration and maintenance systems.

  • Designed specifically for use with janitorial equipment
  • Contains a grinding accelerant to help diamonds perform faster and last longer for better results
  • With over 70 years of chemical densifier expertise, we have developed the technology to permanently strengthen the floor surface
  • Uses substantially more effective and efficient industry-best diamond discs
  • Obtains a high-polish finish due to proper chemical densification instead of relying on coatings to deliver a high-polished look


Steps to Restore & Revitalize

Step 1: Prepare your floor surface. Time to strip!
A clean and bare floor is essential to the restoration process. Stripping ensures the floor is free of coatings and surface debris.

Step 2: Grind. Buff and prepare
Mechanically remove any physical imperfections on the floor to better help the densifier's effectiveness.

Step 3: Strengthen. Let's densify!
Concrete densification is the process of making regular concrete harder and more durable by using a chemically reactive liquid which creates crystals to fill the voids within the concrete, turning it into a durable, solid mass.

Step 4: Hone and polish. Smooth and refine
Buff out physical imperfections to smooth the surface. Remove 200-grit scratch patterns and polish to the desired level of gloss.

Step 5: Protect your like-new floors
WAXIE EZ Concrete & Cementitious Terrazzo Restoration & Maintenance Systems offers three different topical coatings that offer additional protection for your concrete floors.

Step 6: Clean and maintain
Maintain the appearance and shine of concrete and cementitious terrazzo floors while avoiding the need for restoration or floor replacement in the future.

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A Perfect Combination to Pair With

To Restore and Maintain Your Concrete and Cementitious Terrazzo Floors



EZ StripAway Floor Stripper


EZ QuickGrind Concrete & Terrazzo Grinding Accelerator


EZ SlabHardener Concrete & Terrazzo Densifier


Honing and Polishing Pads


EZ AcidGuard Floor Protectant


EZ SaltGuard Floor Protectant



Autoscrubber | Sprayer


Swing buffer | Diamond Pads & Pucks


String Mop | Fast Glide™ Finish System


Burnisher | Wet/Dry Vacuum

WAXIE EZ Concrete & Cementitious Terrazzo Restoration & Maintenance Systems revitalizes floors using standard janitorial equipment and industry-best concrete chemicals and tools to resurface, density, and polish tired and worn-out floors making them look new again. Here are the steps to restore and maintain your concrete and cementitious terrazzo floors to keep them in their best shape.


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