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What is Essential 8?

Essential 8 is a comprehensive approach that identifies opportunities in your facility to help you achieve cleaner, healthier, safer, more productive, and more sustainable facility management and operations.

Through an in-depth analysis by one of our representatives, we will uncover areas of improvement throughout the packaging process and the goods + equipment that will help you to protect your products while simplifying production, keeping your people safe, and reducing total costs.


We’ve built our reputation as industry leading experts in cleaning for commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial environments.

We are your single source for all facility supply needs, from the basic every day items to specialized products, such as ride-on auto scrubbers and no-touch restroom accessories. Our customized cleaning solutions will perfectly suit your needs.


We are committed to being an industry leader in promoting responsible business practices that support more sustainable communities.

With our own LEED® Accredited Professionals and CIMS-GB ISSA Certification experts on staff, we offer cleaning product solutions, best practices training, and advanced procurement platforms to support clean and green building environments.


We have a proven track record of being there for our clients when they need us most, whether it’s a crisis that demands a last-minute delivery, an all-night training, a timely equipment repair, or a bilingual training session.

We go above and beyond because our customers deserve it, and we won’t stop until your needs are met. That’s the BradyPLUS Way.

Solutions by Challenge

Packaging equipment line

Equipment + Parts

VoidFill_PProduct Integrity

A warehouse worker operating forklift with protective gear onProductivity

Not Sure Where to Start?

We screen for 8 solutions in every essential packaging line.

1. Stabilization + Load Containment

  • Stretch film
  • Strapping
  • Edge protection

2. Automation + Equipment

  • Manual equipment
  • Automated equipment
  • Robotics

3. Labeling

  • Labels
  • Inkjet printing
  • Application

4. Carton Closure

  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Staples
  • Strapping

5. Void Fill

  • Air pillow + bubble
  • Paper
  • Foam
  • Peanuts

6. Primary Packaging

  • Inner pack
  • Outer pack
  • Product direct contact
  • Shrink film

7. Process Design

  • Production line review
  • CAD drawings
  • Packaging engineer involvement
  • Supply chain management + improvement

8. Facility Care

  • Facility maintenance products, cleaning solutions and equipment
  • Washroom supplies and hand hygiene systems
  • Safety and PPE supplies

Here's How We Do It

Our Consultative Road Map


Identify the areas of opportunities while performing an Essential 8 assessment.


Align the best products and solutions for your facility's essential touch points.


Implement best practices and processes with a focus on productivity, safety, and training.


Standardize and streamline the supply chain to best fit your unique needs.


Achieve lower operating costs and a cleaner, healthier, safer, more productive, and more sustainable facility.


Get Started!

During the Essential 8 Solutions facility assessment one of our highly experienced consultants will perform a comprehensive facility walkthrough and work with you to identify areas of improvement in your building maintenance program. This assessment is 100% complimentary at no cost to you, no contracts, no credit cards and no obligation.