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Dixie Ultra® SmartStock®

The Ultimate Hygienic Solution

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Dixie Ultra® SmartStock®

The Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® cutlery systems are the ultimate hygienic solution and image booster. GP PRO can help elevate the guest experience at your restaurant, cafeteria, lunchroom, or break room.

Take Control of Your Cutlery

Help reduce cross-contamination, cut waste, maximize efficiency, and support sustainability goals. Take control of your cutlery with a range of dispensers and refills from the leader in foodservice dispensing technology.

GP DIXIE SmartStock cutlery dispensers

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Hygienic +
Touchless Systems

Hygienic, automatic dispensing means no buttons or levers to push, helping to improve hygiene and reduce cross-contamination. Patrons touch only the utensils they need.

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Reliable Technology +
Small Footprint

Operators trust SmartStock®   dispensers to perform effectively and consistently. And with space at a premium, they require very little counter space and can be conveniently mounted on the wall.

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Easy + Intuitive for Employees

Cutlery dispensers are easy to customize to the operator's preference and preloaded, dispenser-ready cutlery skewers help reduce loading time. Colored display indicators show when refills are needed.

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Controlled +
One-at-a-time Dispensing

SmartStock® systems are engineered to dispense cutlery one utensil at a time, helping to reduce cutlery usage and minimize the need to reload cutlery.

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Waste Saving +

Controlled, one-at-a-time dispensing helps reduce cutlery waste, which means less cutlery for employees to replenish and less landfill trash.

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A Showcase for Your Brand

A selection of colorful dispenser inserts and adhesive "skins" are available with themes such as hygiene and sustainability. You may also order customized versions that reflect your own brand and messaging.

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The Future of Cutlery is Touchless, Hygienic, Streamlined, and Sustainable


Compostable & Sustainable Refillable Options are Available2

1 SmartStock® Tri-Tower reduces cutlery usage by 31% on average vs. open bins. (Independent research commissioned by Georgia-Pacific: CUT-19-2024)
2 Compostable in commercial composting facilities. Such facilities may not exist in your area.


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