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GP enMotion® Flex Towel Dispensers

A New Age of Nearly Zero Waste & Virtually Jam-Free Design

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Flex Paper Towel System

The new enMotion® Flex Paper Towel System is here to make things a little easier. Its Dual Roll Auto Switch Technology® consumes the smallest roll first and allows for nearly 100% utilization of each roll before it switches to the roll on standby. The result is NEARLY ZERO WASTE. The intuitive design of enMotion® Flex makes it easy to train custodial staff—and helps make refilling easy. One set of batteries dispenses for 4 years on average, helping reduce the need for maintenance.

A roll is always on, so you don't have to be!



of enMotion® customers are satisfied

Source: CPT-18-1741


of people say having enMotion® paper towel systems improves their perception of public restrooms

Source: CPT-18-1829

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