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Kimberly-Clark ICON™ Towel Dispensing System

Elevated Hand Hygiene Experience

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The Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON™ automatic paper towel dispensing system brings you an industry-leading restroom experience. Combining user-friendly functionality and customizable designs, the ICON dispensing system is an exceptional complement for any facility maintenance plan.

It’s Time to Add Style to Hygiene

The Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON™️ dispenser is engineered to reduce the number of germs that are spread through cross-contamination.

There are multiple high-touch surfaces in a restroom that serve as breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. With the top-tier hygienic design of the ICON™️ dispenser, the number of touchpoints is significantly lowered which in turn helps eliminate infectious germs.


Designer Faceplates

The ability to personalize and control the aesthetic of your restroom helps boost the overall building occupant perception of your facility.


Customize It for Your Business

Supplying cost-efficient hygienic solutions for any learning environment. The Kimberly-Clark Professional™️ ICON™️ Collection enhances restroom appearances with paper towels, bathroom tissue, and skincare dispensers. These dispensers are manufactured with convenience and sustainability at the forefront. These models easily install in any bathroom and are compatible with products that are certified to reduce environmental impact. With custom faceplates, ICON™️ allows you to personalize your space to help you promote events around campus, foster school spirit, and even showcase the sponsors that support your educational efforts.

Designed to Be Effortless

Inspired by human-centered design, the ICON dispenser features an intuitive control panel, front-load battery bay, and dampened hinge technology. Using direct-drive technology, the ICON dispenser has a patented dual sensor technology that delivers worry-free, touchless 99.99% jam-free dispensing and is compatible with your choice of Kleenex or Scott roll towels.

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