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Safer Food. Happier Customers.

Serve Safer, Fresher Food On-the-go with Tamper-Evident from Inline Plastics

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Keep Your Food Safe Every Step of the Way

With Safe-T-Fresh® and Safe-T-Chef® Technology from Your Kitchen to Your Customers' Hands

Grab-and-go options are endless. These days, every restaurant, convenience store, gas station, and grocery store has options for dining on the go! But how do you keep food safe when it's being passed from hand to hand?

With Inline Plastics' Safe-T-Fresh and Safe-T-Chef collections, you'll get tamper-evident and tamper resistance in one simple step for both hot and cold foods. 

Simple. Safe. Secure. Sustainable

Safe-T-Fresh® Squares

A large assortment of well-crafted, tamper-evident, tamper-resistant sturdy Squares ranging from 2–64 oz. provides exceptional clarity, versatility, and leak resistance. We have what you need, from small on-the-go size options to multiple-compartment collections and family-size servings.

Inline Plastics clear containders

Safe-T-Fresh® Rectangles

The smooth and modern design of the Rectangle family puts food contents at center stage, making the container virtually invisible. Create an impressive display with sleek, clean lines, high clarity, and attractive stacking. A wide range of sizes offers versatility from 6 oz to 128 oz.

Clear Inline Plastics rectangle containers

Safe-T-Fresh® Rounds

The robust family of Rounds offers a large assortment of tamper-evident, tamper-resistant packaging ranging from 8–80 oz. with exceptional clarity, versatility, and leak resistance. From small grab & go options to deli-style packaging and even large family sizes, we have what you need.

Inline Plastics clear round containers

NEW Safe-T-Chef®

The first tamper-evident and tamper-resistant product family on the market with polypropylene packaging for hot food applications. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as vented or non-vented options. Keep contents safe and secure when using third party delivery services for prepared foods. High clarity and a smooth, modern design creates an impressive display!

A clear Inline Plastics food container with hot food in it and steam coming out

Tamper-Resistant + Evident is Easy as 1, 2, 3.

A graphic showing how to secure tamper-evident container

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