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At BradyPLUS, we prioritize serving you by participating in local events. Visit our events page to see when we'll be in your region, offering customized solutions to meet your facility operations needs.

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Partnering for Success.

We serve and delight customers with solutions for JanSan, Foodservice, and Industrial Packaging, delivering the right SUPPLIES + SUPPORT to ensure their businesses are more successful every day.

We go above and beyond to deliver more. We succeed by helping our clients achieve their own operating objectives. We create high-value, lasting client relationships by gaining a deep understanding of our client’s operations, providing a broad catalog of leading brands and products, and leveraging extensive industry expertise to develop tailored solutions.

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The Most Compelling Offering of Products + Brands
Expert Advice
Exceptional Customer Experience

JanSan + Foodservice + Packaging

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Our commitment to delivering and going the extra mile.


Meet the Team

We are dedicated to service excellence and are united around a commitment to being the best neighbor to the communities in which we operate. Each day, we roll up our sleeves to solve problems and create a healthier, safer, more sustainable world.

Ken Sweder_Headshot

Ken Sweder

Chairman & CEO
Mark Allen-headshot

Mark Allen

Chief Merchandising Officer
Paul Barrett_headshot

Paul Barrett

Senior VP, Industrial Packaging
Travis Brady-headshot

Travis Brady


Glenn Chamberlin

Executive VP, Finance

Jon Cox

Executive VP, Operations + Supply Chain

April Diaz

VP, Human Resources
Matt Gunterman-headshot

Matt Gonterman

Chief Information Officer
Ian Gresham-headshot

Ian Gresham

Chief Marketing Officer
Nigel Kershaw

Nigel Kershaw

Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Law-headshot

Ryan Law

Chief Integrations Officer
Jeff Roberts-headshot

Jeff Roberts

Chief Revenue Officer
Barbara Salinas-headshot

Barbara Salinas

Sarah Stewart-headshot

Sarah Stewart

Chief of Staff
Marvin Wenger-headshot

Marvin Wenger

Executive VP, Acquisitions

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