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Expertly Designed for Professionals

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The Power to Make a Difference with KleenLine™

KleenLine™ is an exclusive product line offered by BradyPLUS for the facility care market. With a wide range of products from brands, including KleenLine Essentials, KleenLine Select, and KleenLine Pro, customers can find the right solutions to meet their budget and cleaning objectives.

From basic cleaning needs to the most complex challenges, KleenLine provides durable tools and high-quality products to assist beginners and professionals in achieving outstanding cleaning results the first time, every time.


Hand Selected Product Bundles


Cost & Time Savings and Insights Management


"Doin'it Right" Extends into Customer Care

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  • Quality tools + equipment designed for professionals
  • Complete line of durable tools + versatile accessories
    Promotes efficiency, productivity and a positive end-user experience
  • KleenLine Pro Workloading Calculator for cost & quality analysis
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  • Good facility care products at a competitive price
  • Basic products
  • More economical
  • Clearly communicated value
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  • Facility care products delivering better value for everyday use
  • Results comparable to the nation's top brands
  • Branded for high visibility
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  • Premium quality facility care products for a best-in-class experience
  • Industry-leading features + benefits
  • Competitively priced with national brands

Discover KleenLine Solutions

  1. Bowl Clips
  2. Bath Tissue Dispensing System
  3. Seat Covers    
  4. Janitor Cart
  5. Handwash Dispensing System    
  6. Facial Tissue on Counter    
  7. Paper Towel Dispensing System
  8. Can Liners
  9. KleenLine Pro VERSA No-Touch Cleaning Caddy
  10. Air Care Dispensing System
  11. Urinal Screens
  12. Caution Sign

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Various areas that KleenLine can be implemented in facility

Step 1: WASH

With KleenLine Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems. 

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Step 2: Dry

With KleenLine Electronic No-Touch Towel Dispenser.

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Step 3: Sanitize

With PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer.

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