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Revamp Your Cafeteria This School Year

Get Everything You Need for Lunchtime with Pactiv Evergreen's School Solutions

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Think Beyond the Food Tray


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Packaging Solutions for Every Cafeteria Setting

We have options for full-service cafeteria counters, grab ‘n go cases, food prep, and beyond to meet the diverse needs of today’s eateries.

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Every Day + Elevated Options

With products ranging from economical to top-of-the-line, you are guaranteed to find products that are right for your cafeteria.

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Sustainable Material Choices

Reduce your environmental impact with our full range of sustainable packaging, which includes commercially compostable* solutions.

Stock Up on School Supplies

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School Lunch + Carry Trays

If you are looking for trays to carry plated food and drinks or trays to hold food directly on the surface, we have what you need to serve and transport with ease. Select from a number of sizes and shapes in inexpensive PS foam or commercially compostable* fiber blends.

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Compostable* Paper Tableware

EarthChoice® paper plates are durable and resistant to grease and moisture, which makes them great for heavy and saucy foods. Made with PFAS-free paperboard that meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified sourcing standards.

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Compostable* Fiber Tableware

Commercially compostable* fiber blend tableware helps you reduce your environmental impact. Compostable products facilitate the diversion of food scraps from the landfill.

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Paper Soup + Food Containers

Whether it’s a ladle of chili straight from the pot, potato salad from the deli, or ice cream scooped from the freezer, these high-quality containers are up to the challenge of both hot and cold foods.

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Paper Food Boats

Classic paper food boats are a cafeteria staple for serving tasty finger foods like tots and chicken nuggets due to their sturdy design and grease-resistant coating. The paperboard used for these trays meets the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Certified Sourcing Standard.

A student carrying a tray with disposable box container with food

Tamper-Evident Paper One Box

Searching for the perfect alternative to plastic containers? OneBox® paper boxes help food prep and assembly run smoothly and stay mess-free thanks to a secure front latch closure. Send your student's to-go meals out with confidence using these easy-to-close, leak-proof paper containers that come pre-assembled.

*Commercially compostable only. Facilities may not exist in your area. Not suitable for home composting.

Student Friendly Grab'n Go Options

EarthChoice® Salad Containers

Parfait Cups Lids + Inserts

Greenware® On-the-Go

OPS Hinged Lid Containers

Newspring VERSAtainer®

EarthChoice® TE Container



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