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KleenLine™ Pro Durable Goods

Clean right, clean proud with KleenLine Durable Goods


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The cleaning industry has witnessed significant technological advancements, introducing innovative gadgets, tools, and accessories that revolutionize the way we clean and maintain buildings. Many of these breakthroughs prioritize ergonomics, aiming to enhance the efficiency of cleaning staff by minimizing fatigue and reducing the risk of injuries, all while delivering superior results.


Leverage the Advantages of KleenLine Pro Durable Goods

Maintain a well-organized and readily accessible array of cleaning supplies to minimize cross-contamination, enable cleaning staff to efficiently divide their tasks, and be more productive! 

Manage your “janitorial carts” to streamline inventory management and ensure that essential replenishment items are consistently available within immediate reach. 

Ergonomically designed janitorial carts and accessories help promote the well-being of cleaning professionals. By minimizing physical strain and providing a user-friendly design, these carts contribute to a more efficient and comfortable work environment.

An image of KleenLine Pro janitor cart, bag and mob bucket in yellow

KleenLinePro Durable Goods

Pro-Janitor-Cart-sm Pro-Utility-Cart-sm Pro-35-Quart-Mop-Bucket-with-Wringer-side Pro-26-Quart-Mop-Bucket-with-Wringer-sm Pro-35-Quart-Mop-Bucket-with-Wringer-sm Pro-Janitor-Cart-Bag-sm Pro-Wet-Floor-Sign-sm

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