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WAXIE-Green™ Encapsulating Carpet Care

Green Cleaning Solutions for Carpet, Upholstery & Fabric

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Carpet That Cares About You!

Improve your indoor air quality and employee health and safety with the high-performance WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Care System.

This non-toxic, non-caustic system includes a Pre-Spray, Spotter, Bonnet Shampoo, and an Extraction Cleaner that are each UL ECOLOGO Certified and have earned the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval. UL ECOLOGO Certification provides third-party verification, which means that these carpet care products have a reduced impact on human health and the environment. Both UL ECOLOGO and CRI Seal of Approval standards verify the effectiveness of the products. 


WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Extraction Cleaner

A concentrated cleaner that can be used with any type of carpet extraction equipment. Provides one-pass cleaning and eliminates the need for rinsing. Compatible with high-heat equipment, it leaves no sticky residue and will eliminate rapid re-soiling.


WAXIE-Green™ Encapsulating Carpet Pre-Spray 

Perfect for heavily soiled traffic areas. Breaks down tough grease and dirt. For high powered cleaning, use in conjunction with WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Extraction Cleaner. 


WAXIE-Green™ Encapsulating Carpet Spotter  

Ready-to-use product that is perfect for general-purpose spotting of a wide range of spots. The encapsulation technology combines unique crystalline polymers that provide the cleaning power to emulsify dry and oily soils while encapsulating leftover residue for dry vacuum recovery.


WAXIE-Green™ Encapsulating Carpet Spin Bonnet Shampoo

Fast-acting, quick-drying bonnet/ spin cleaner that uses encapsulating technology to bind the soil, which is then removed through daily vacuuming. Leaves no harmful residue. May be used with rotary and low-moisture equipment. 

These Products Will Keep Your Carpets Clean, Green & Fresh!

This carpet care system is offered as a part of BradyPLUS GPS® Green Partner Support™, which is a comprehensive approach to assist customers in selecting products and processes to clean green. BradyPLUS GPS® identifies green cleaning products based on third-party certifications, performance, and responsible packaging.

The WAXIE-Green™ Encapsulating Carpet Care System products are made of biodegradable surfactants and meet third-party environmental standards so your employees and the planet will be healthier and safer.


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