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BradyPLUS of Vermont

(formerly Swish White River)

BradyPLUS of Vermont is a prominent supplier specializing in janitorial and maintenance supplies, as well as foodservice disposables, committed to addressing our customers' diverse product requirements.

Our extensive catalog encompasses a wide array of offerings, spanning general cleaning solutions, foodservice disposables, workplace safety essentials, and beyond. At the core of our approach is an unwavering dedication to delivering value, premium quality, and exceptional service, all underscored by a steadfast commitment to promoting health and safety.

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Innovative solutions for all your cleaning and foodservice needs.

Janitorial + Maintenance Supply

BradyPLUS of Vermont offers solutions to enable facilities to streamline ordering and inventory processes to meet your needs, working within budgetary and workload challenges to assist in exceeding expected cleaning results.

Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning Supplies + Equipment
Restroom Solutions
Tissues + Towels + Wipes
Floorcare Systems
Odor Control

Can Liners + Receptacles
Skin & Hand Hygiene + Sanitizers
Laundry + Warewash Products
Foodservice Disposables
Safety Products
Material Handling

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Cleaning Equipment + Services

Advanced commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment is designed to increase productivity while driving down the total cost of cleaning. BradyPLUS of Vermont offers commercial vacuums and carpet extractors to industrial sweepers and ride-on scrubbers to help you maintain your facility.

Cleaning Equipment Sales
Services + Repairs
Planned Maintenance


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Foodservice Supply

BradyPLUS of Vermont is your expert partner in providing solutions in the foodservice industry with best-in-class products to maximize your profits and improve operational efficiencies.

Catering Supplies

Table Covers
Food Packaging Supplies

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BradyPLUS of Vermont

Formerly Swish White River
1118 Route 14
Hartford, VT 05047

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