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Millennium Distribution

Millennium Distribution proudly ranks among the largest and most accomplished super-regional distributors across the United States. Specializing in serving supermarkets and redistribution markets, we offer an extensive selection of foodservice and JanSan products.

Our enduring success stems from an unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and the delivery of top-quality products. We remain steadfast in our commitment to meeting your evolving business requirements and ensuring your satisfaction.

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Explore the magic of the new Millennium eCommerce platform powered by BradyPLUS for seamless access to thousands of products. Order with a simple click, enjoy enhanced efficiency and convenience—all at your fingertips!

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Our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the delivery of quality products has been instrumental in propelling our company to success. We remain dedicated to upholding these principles as we continually strive to meet your evolving business needs and provide exceptional care and support.

Janitorial + Maintenance Supply

We provide an extensive range of janitorial products and supplies essential for maintaining clean, efficient, and sustainable facilities.

Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning Supplies + Equipment
Restroom Solutions
Floorcare System
Liners + Receptacles

Tissue + Towels + Wipes
Personal Hygiene + Sanitizers
Office Supplies

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Industrial Packaging Supply

Millennium can help you procure the right supplies for your packaging needs to streamline your operations.

Protective Packing Materials
Labels + Tags
Poly Bags
Shrink Film

Stretch Film
Shipping Supplies

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Foodservice Supply

Count on our expertise to guide you in selecting the ideal products for your foodservice requirements.

Foodservice Supplies
Food Storage + Containers
Sheets + Rolls

Catering Supplies
Laundry + Warewashing Supplies

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Millennium Distribution,
A BradyPLUS Company

4829 Eisenhauer Road Ste. 805
San Antonio, TX 78218


1510 Cornerway Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78219

10634 Tanner Road Ste. 100
Houston, TX 77041

2400 East 20
Arlington, TX 76018

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