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Knight Marketing Enterprises

Knight Marketing is a leading distributor in the Jan-san industry, specializing in high-quality building cleaning supplies and sanitary products. 

We are a solutions-driven company committed to reliability, dependability, and customer service excellence. We set the standard for industry growth and customer satisfaction.

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Careers with Knight Marketing Enterprises

We’re always looking for bright, energetic people who want to make a difference for their customers, for their colleagues, and in their own lives. Is that you?
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We are a solution-driven company that provides a range of high-quality facility cleaning chemicals, supplies, and sanitary products.

Janitorial + Maintenance Supply

We aim to be the go-to resource for our customers, providing comprehensive janitorial solutions they can depend on for all their cleaning and maintenance needs.

Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning Supplies + Equipment
Tissues + Towels + Wipes
Restroom Solutions
Can Liners + Receptacles
Floorcare Supplies + Equipment

Hand Hygiene + Sanitizers
Office Furniture + Supplies
Safety Products
Air Care
Packaging Supplies

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Foodservice Solutions

Customize your foodservice operation to suit your specific requirements with our adaptable solutions.


Foodservice Supplies
Safety Products

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Knight Marketing Enterprises,
A BradyPLUS Company


46-50 54th Avenue
P.O. Box 78009
Maspeth, NY 11378