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KleenLine™ No-Touch Roll Towel System

Say Hello to Clean Hands!

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Touch-free dispensers are an important part of maintaining a healthy restroom experience and essential in combatting the spread of germs. As a facility manager, it’s vital to maintain a clean and healthy building environment using premium products, uninterrupted stock levels, and labor-saving solutions that include IoT smart technology.


Restrooms make the single greatest impact on your customers, guests and staff.

The most important feature is the capacity for much longer towel rolls, which lowers maintenance and improves user experience. The towel length and delay are adjustable, and the auto-transfer stub rolls all help to minimize waste. The KleenLine dispenser features a high-efficiency motor for longer battery life and a Low Battery Light Indicator along with an emergency Push Paddle that assures you will never be out of service. 

A person's hand dispensing a paper towel from KleenLine towel dispenser in the restroom


KleenLine No-touch Towel Dispensers Features:

  • High capacity, sleek durable design with quiet operation
  • Easy loading with auto-feed button and side view windows to easily check roll status
  • Stub roll feature eliminates paper waste
  • Never out-of-service includes emergency push paddle dispensing if needed
  • LED illuminated window to advise the use of emergency push paddle
  • LED illuminated battery life indicator
  • ADA Compliant • Recessed options available
  • IoT Capable –– Coming soon!

Step 1: WASH

With KleenLine Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems. 

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Step 2: Dry

With KleenLine Electronic No-Touch Towel Dispenser.

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Step 3: Sanitize

With PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer.

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